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Pop Up Hunting Blinds

Like any other type of hunting blind, the goal of a pop up blind is concealment from the eyes and ears of the game. Whether you are hunting deer, turkey, ducks, birds or other wild game, pop up blinds are a useful means of concealment for any hunter. Pop up blinds can be used effectively by both rifle hunters and bow hunters.


Pop up blinds offer some unique benefits in comparison to other forms of hunting blinds. The most important benefit of pop up blinds is the fact that they are portable. They pop up when needed and then fold back up easily for storage. They are quick and easy to set up as well as to take down. This allows the hunter to move around and not get stuck in areas where there is not a lot of activity. It is also ideal for hunters who do not always hunt on the same land.


One disadvantage to a pop up blind is that you have to brush them in each time you set the blind up. When you brush your pop up blind in, you are contaminating the area that you are about to hunt in. One of the big advantages of our straw wrap is that it covers your pop up blind and the straw produces a natural odor that will not alarm your game.

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Straw Wrap for Pop Up Blinds 

Pop up blinds are pre-fabricated and come in many different patterns and colors. While pop up blinds offer many advantages, one of the disadvantages is that some game may notice a camouflaged blind and may steer clear of the blind. Our approach is to conceal the pop up blind with a straw wrap because most animals are used to seeing haybales and most of the game you are hunting will not be alarmed by the site of a haybale blind.


Although they are not permanent structures, pop up blinds do provide hunters with some shelter from the elements. They also keep the hunters’ scent from being detected by the game being hunted.


If you want to improve your hunting experience but do not want to be tied down to a particular location, a pop up blind may provide a useful solution for you. Using our straw blanket to conceal your pop up blind will turn your pop up blind into something that looks familiar to most of the game you are hunting.


Order your straw wrap for your pop up blind today. Good hunting from Midwest Haybale blinds!


Hunt In It, Not Behind It


Straw Wrap for Pop Up Hunting Blinds

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