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Longbow Archer Haybale Blinds

If you hunt with a longbow, Midwest Haybale Blinds has the very best hunting blind in the industry designed just for you. Our Longbow Archer Haybale Blind is large enough for full extension for unobstructed shooting, superior visibility and this unique blind gives you a proximity advantage like no other hunting blind.

The Longbow Archer Haybale Blind is a 6x6 structure with a height of 76” which provides ample room to move around and achieve extended bow stretch for accurate shooting. Constructed of durable, real dried straw, our sturdy structure will last for one full year or more before needing a replacement straw cover.


Recurve Archer Haybale Blinds

You don’t ever have to be out of reach from deer or turkey again with Midwest’s Recurve Archer Haybale Blinds. These unique hunting blinds can be constructed in an open field close to deer beds, trails and grazing areas. There is no waiting time with this Haybale Blind; you can use it the same day you get it. This scentless hunting blind is made of natural straw, helping to mask your scent, making the Recurve Archer Haybale Blind a perfect hunting blind for the avid archer.

As a hunter, it is always a goal to get closer to your target without being noticed. Recurve archer’s can now sit and wait, unnoticed by game in the roomy, waterproof Recurve Archer Haybale Blind. The shooting holes will optimize your view and can be adjusted for your specific shooting specifications. Haybale Blinds offers comfortable concealment from the elements while leaving hunters undetected by wild game.


Haybale Blinds for Traditional Archers

We make Haybale Blinds for traditional archers (longbow and recurve archers). Haybale Blinds are available in five different sizes, 5’x5’, 5’x6’, 6’x6’, Handicap and Longbow. Contact our Longbow Archer Haybale Blinds Experts today and let us help you determine the best Haybale Blind for your hunting needs.


Longbow Archer Haybale Blinds | Recurve Archer Haybale Blinds | Haybale Blinds for Traditional Archers

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Midwest Haybale Blinds serves clients throughout the United States. Our Haybale Blind Company has worked with clients in all of the following States: Georgia, New York, Texas, Ohio, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland and Colorado.

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