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Haybale Hunting Blinds

Our Haybale Blinds are Waterproof!


Haybale blinds are perfect for many types of hunting including deer and turkey.Haybale blinds are unique because most wild animals are used to seeing Haybales in their environment. Animals are not alarmed by Haybales, including Haybales that suddenly appear or disappear. All of our great looking Haybale blinds are made of natural materials. We use a layer of real straw sandwiched between two layers of netting and sewn together every two inches. The straw helps cover human scent and looks natural to animals. We offer 5 styles of Haybale hunting blinds to fit your hunting needs.  


Deer & Turkey Hunting Blinds

Deer/Turkey - Our deer and turkey Haybale blinds are designed for hunting deer or turkey with a bow or gun. These blinds look and smell like the real thing! They are the same size and shape as a real Haybale. The straw covers human scent and keeps movement inside the blind hidden. Our shooting holes allow for excellent field of vision, yet the dark interior of the blinds helps keep the animals from seeing any movement inside the blinds.


Best Haybale Blinds

Midwest Haybale Binds is your source for premium quality Haybale blinds for any hunting application. Call or contact our Haybale Blinds Experts at Midwest today for more information or to place your order for one of top quality haybale blinds.


Hunt In It, Not Behind It


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Midwest Haybale blinds

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Midwest Haybale Blinds serves clients throughout the United States. Our Haybale Blind Company has worked with clients in all of the following States: Georgia, New York, Texas, Ohio, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland and Colorado.

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