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Haybale Hunting Blinds

Our Haybale Blinds are Waterproof!


At Midwest Haybale Blinds, we’re committed to providing hunters with the best in hunting blinds. We design and build high quality hunting blinds for many different hunting applications. Additionally, all of our blinds can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer.

A great hunting blind does more than just provide concealment from wildlife. A great hunting blind should not only physically conceal the hunter, but also mask or conceal the hunter’s scent. At the same time, the blind should allow the hunter to see game as it approaches and should not obstruct the hunter’s shooting. In addition, a great hunting blind should protect the hunter from the elements and provide a comfortable, roomy hunting environment.

Pop Up Hunting Blind Straw Wrap

Our Haybale blinds provide excellent concealment for deer and turkey hunters. We use real straw to ensure our Haybale blinds appear and smell natural to wildlife. Our Haybale blinds not only look great, but they are constructed of heavy duty materials and designed to last for years. We offer replacement straw blankets as an economical way to keep your Haybale blind looking and smelling natural for many seasons.


Haybale Hunting Blinds

Our haybale hunting blinds are all constructed with top quality materials are weather resistant and have a natural looking exterior. Our blinds offer the ultimate in concealment, comfort and roominess with excellent visibility and unobstructed shooting. Your haybale blind will provide many years of hunting enjoyment.


For the best hunting blinds made right here in the USA, call or contact our Haybale Hunting Blinds Company today. We’re hunters too. We will be happy to talk hunting and to help you choose a blind that’s right for you and for the style of hunting you do.

From one of our customers:

"I purchased your 6 x 6 deer and turkey blind. I started putting it together yesterday and all I have left are the side windows. I would like to express my great satisfaction with your product. It was extremely easy to put together and everything came together perfectly according to the directions you provided with the blind. It will be a great tool this coming deer season. I would highly recommend your products to anyone. Thanks again !!" Brandon R. - Montreal, Mo


Midwest Haybale Hunting Blinds | Pop Up Hunting Blinds

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Midwest Haybale Blinds serves clients throughout the United States. Our Haybale Blind Company has worked with clients in all of the following States: Georgia, New York, Texas, Ohio, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland and Colorado.

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