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Midwest Haybale Blinds offers a complete range of top quality hunting blinds. We have a blind to meet the needs of every hunter.


Hunting Blinds

Our blinds include:


Haybale Blinds - Our natural looking Haybale blinds are a great choice for hunting deer, turkey, and other game.Animals are not afraid of our hay bale blinds, which look just like the real thing because we use real straw to make them. The straw also helps cover human scent and stays fresh and natural looking for up to one year. We carry straw replacement blankets to help maintain the natural look and scent of your hay bale blind.


Pop Up Blinds - Pop up blinds offer some unique benefits in comparison to other forms of hunting blinds. The most important benefit of pop up blinds is the fact that they are portable. They pop up when needed and then fold back up easily for storage. We sell hunters the straw wrap that will cover your pop up blind.


Window Kits - We offer custom window kits for hunters who prefer to build their own blinds. Our window kits help improve the performance of your blind by keeping animals from seeing or smelling the hunter. Our windows are tinted so animals cannot see movement inside the blind, and they help contain scent within the blind. They operate quietly to avoid startling the animals. We offer side-to-side or up-and-down sliding window kits. Our window kits are for hunting blinds that you have built, the window kits are not for haybale blinds. We can make windows in any size and all of our window kit packages are custom made to your specifications.


Pop Up Hunting Blind

For the best in hunting blinds designed and made by hunters for hunters, call or contact Midwest Haybale Blinds today.


Hunt In It, Not Behind It


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Midwest Haybale Blinds

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Midwest Haybale Blinds serves clients throughout the United States. Our Haybale Blind Company has worked with clients in all of the following States: Georgia, New York, Texas, Ohio, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland and Colorado.

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